About Us

"An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field."
– Niels Bohr
CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Hubbard

I wanted to offer some insight into myself and our business along with the operating fundamentals we use as our compass for helping our clients achieve their growth goals.

We started our first venture at a company in 2008 primarily building websites that had effective UX/UI and that had professional designs that made the client look professional and provided their users a great experience. It was their customers first impression of their company, so we knew it was important to get the operation standardized by following W3 Consortium standards.

As time went by and we started to realize that SEO was going to have a profound effect on the traction a business could achieve online, we began to delve into all the elements of that and offer it to the clients along with a new website. We were very successful, and all our clients achieved “first-page status” fairly quickly. Most were number one or number two with the key search phrases they felt were most important for customers searching online for their business.

Along the way we began to realize that it was not only important for the searches to achieve high listings, but also that the search results drove traffic to the website and converted them to a top of funnel lead. We also began to develop relationships and trust from the leads by automating a series of communications with them that would advance them through the sales funnel. This was groundbreaking. It allowed our clients to focus their time on the leads that were ready to engage, instead of spending a inordinate amount of time on people that were just not ready yet. Sales went up and the leads and potential customers were much more satisfied with the process.

This brings us to now. With our professional team that covers all facets of marketing, to our clients dashboard that we’ve developed for exclusively for you to be able to see the metrics and analytics for your marketing, to the integration of a CRM that is integrated with all channels of marketing (including off-line marketing), to our custom AI Chat Bot that sells appointments and gets contact information by interacting with the visitor.  

We provide the expertise and the solutions for your marketing and growth goals. Add our powerful marketing automation that allows you to be more effective with your time and allows you to know when your lead is ready to call with a custom “lead-scoring” feature, and you have a full-stack solution for your marketing needs. We provide a solution that is equal to having a marketing department at a fraction of the cost! A fractional marketing department.

BBDMpro is the solution to your business broker marketing needs.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We’re here to help in any way.


Steve Hubbard, CEO BBDMpro/ZollyBlue